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Our "Why" - My Office Team

Our Story ... Our Why...

My Office Team was founded by a single mom w/over 25 years of office experience and here is her “Why”:

After many years of struggling to work outside of the home while raising a family, two things became very clear. First, the majority of Work From Home positions were scams and second, many Small Business owners and One-Man-Show operations suffered the same challenges she did as a single mom;

 “In order to work (and/or run a business) to provide for our families we had to sacrifice time spent with our families                          (or doing other things we love)!”

Our founder set out to create a business dedicated to providing affordable Office Support for Small Businesses and even the Solopreneur. Knowing that these companies might not be at a place where they can bring in an on-site employee or hire an expensive agency to build a website or a social media campaign. Instead these business owners, who are great in their own field, attempt to wear every other hat, in order to run their businesses. 

Plumbers acting as their own Receptionists or Secretaries. Itsy sellers attempting to be bookkeepers and Pet Store Owners trying to be Website Developers and Social Media Marketers. These business owners are working 70-80 hour work weeks and missing precious time with their families because that is what is needed to run a business. 

At the same time many talented, knowledgeable, reliable people with children were struggling to commute to offices and earn paychecks that barely covered the cost of daycare. Realizing that it was not just single moms who needed relief and could benefit from a legitimate opportunity to work remotely, but that many, incredibly talented people are unable to work full time in an office environment for a multitude of reasons; coupled with the knowledge that 40% of the workforce are expected to be working remotely by 2025,  My Office Team was created and is dedicated to providing solutions to all of these challenges …TODAY!

The core goal of My Office Team is to provide small business owners affordable, experienced office support so they can focus on the aspects of their business that they are great at while at the same time offering a legitimate Work From Home opportunity to talented individuals that are unemployed, under-employed or just want to earn an income and still be at home to watch their children grow up!

A beloved business associate coined a phrase in her review, labeling My Office Team as “entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs succeed” and we just love that! That’s exactly what My Office Team was created to be! 

My Office Team is comprised of two Teams of Virtual Assistants (and occasionally on-site assistants).  

These Professionals are dedicated to creating a better work life balance for all.

Team Admin offers all of the services you would expect from an on-site Administrative Assistant. Using today’s technology My Office Team is able to answer your incoming calls, manage your email inbox, resolve customer service issues, handle your bookkeeping needs (Quick Books Professionals!), maintain any Data Entry project, even manage your Filing on-site or better yet, convert your filing system to paperless!
Team Admin builds email lists, handles credit checks, creates job postings and resume reviews (if you’re hiring), manages your inbox, books your travel arrangements and so much more! 
Essentially any administrative task that you would hand off to an on-site Secretary can be sent to Team Admin and will be handled effectively, efficiently and with the utmost professionalism.
Team Digital gives you the ability to have a Digital Marketing Team on your staff at a fraction of the cost! Specializing in Social Media Marketing, Website design and maintenance (WordPress friendly!),  Email Campaigns, and even Graphic Design & Printed Materials, Team Digital can build or rebuild your brand, enhance your online presence, create an awesome website or online store, build up your social audiences, monitor your social feeds, respond to customer questions, comments or concerns, provide email marketing campaigns, run Facebook, Linked in or Google ads and ultimately increase your revenue via Online Marketing.
The larger Digital Agencies  are priced so far out of range for the solopreneur or the small business owner, that many are forced to try DIY solutions. This is such an important aspect of running a business, but Websites and Facebook Ads are confusing and it’s not what most business owners opened their business to be doing. So they either neglect this area altogether or attempt to maintain it  with just a fraction of the knowledge that our digital team has!
Team Admin and Team Digital can do these tasks for you, they are good at it because it’s what they do! The business owner can then use the time saved to focus on what they do best and remember their Why.  Why they started their business to begin with!
Make My Office Team a part of YOUR office team and get back to loving what you do, making money doing it and enjoying the things you should be able to enjoy now that you’re the Boss. 
Be the Boss of your Business don’t let your Business be the Boss of you! Let My Office Team give you the work / life balance you’ve worked hard for and deserve!
Call us today to find out how many hours of your time we can give back to you & your family! 
How do you think you will spend all of that free time?

We look forward to working with you!

      Danette Rowland
Founder & Project Mgr
My Office Team Online