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administrative assistant services - My Office Team

services & team Member descriptions

what can a general va do for you?

general virtual assistant data entry excel projects email lists


a general virtual assistant can take on any task that you would hand off to an on-site assistant sitting outside your office door.

your general v.a. can handle data entry and excel projects, create power point presentation, compose email lists and even answer your phones, organize your desk top, manage your inbox and if needed get your business running paperless!

your general va will be well versed in the mS office suite as well as google docs and many other apps and  programs needed to complete whatever task is at hand. 

remember all of those things you’ve been meaning to get to? now you can send them our way. your general v.a. is waiting to check them off of your to-do list!  


what makes an executive v/a the best choice?

An executive virtual assistant can take on everything that a general v.a. can & more. 

Your seasoned executive v.a. will answer your phone, relay your messages, schedule appointments, make travel arrangements and/or reservations, type important letters & emails,  transcribe audio notes, and even remind you of those  important  dates!

imagine having your own executive secretary. How would you spend all that free time?  

executive secretary receptionist dictation transcription email calendar management scheduling general virtual assistant data entry secretary receptionist excel email list


your customers deserve the best!

customer service customer care customer relations

professional customer

“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work; he is the purpose of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to serve him.”                                             — Mahatma Gandhi

having a customer service professional on your team can skyrocket your business past your competition. a customer will always remember how your business made them feel. every interaction they have with your business needs to leave them feeling glad that they’ve done business with you. 

your customer care team member will greet every customer question, comment or concern with a smile. ready to answer questions, reply to comments or put out fire, your customer care team member is dedicated to making every customer a top priority to your business, because we know that they are! 

bookkeeping is a key aspect of your business!

there’s a saying in the bookkeeping industry that reads: “if you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait ’til you hire an amateur” … and it’s so true! 

Bookkeeping errors can be costly,  but bookkeeping agencies with an office and overhead charge a fortune, yet is their anything more daunting  than doing your books yourself?  Unless you’re a numbers person it is an unwelcome but mandatory part of owning a business.

luckily, we have qualified team members who love this stuff and are great at it!  whether you handle your bookkeeping via quickbooks or that big box full of receipts growing in your closet, team Finance can help! 

your team member can get you started on a bookkeeping system, upgrade your current system or take over the daily, weekly, monthly & quarterly duties  that seem to devour your time (and patience)! 


accounting bookkeeping collections a/r a/p payroll

a/r a/p p/r

use social media to get leads & increase sales!

social media management facebook instagram linked in snapchat twitter payperclick ads

Social Media management

So much is happening oNLINE And you are missing out! 

Your potential customers are on facebook, Instagram & Linked in. They’re making recommendations and talking about yOUR industry. They are on Yelp, Google & Yahoo searching for YOUR Products. They are on yelp, leaving reviews. are you there? responding, replying, recommending,  building relationships? advertising?  

You can’t be there all the time and even if you could, do you know how to make the most out of social media for your business? 

team social does. let us be there. we manage your social pages, build relationships, increase your following and generate leads. we know how to make social media work for your business! 



make the most of your email lists!

is your subject line powerful enough? 

everyone’s inbox is cluttered with hundreds of emails every day.  

how do you make sure that your email stands out and gets read? 

unless you are an email marketing strategist, you don’t know. 

team email does. 

we can create compelling, interesting and engaging email campaigns that have a high open rate. 

The higher the open rate the more likely you are to generate a sale! 

Let us do the work we were made to do so you can focus on your specialty!  we’ve got this! 


pay per click ads can be costly if not done right!

facebook linked in google instagram advertising

facebook, instagram, Google & linked in advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising. 

It’s Scary. It’s Confusing. 

Yet you see everyone else doing it.

shouldn’t you be in on this? Yes you should! 

But it’s expensive, Some Agencies won’t even contract with you unless you spend thousands of dollars in ad-spend ! 

you’re a small business or a soloprenuer, how can you compete? by utilizing team pay per click, that’s how! 

Our agents are amazing at what they do, they just do it for less. why because we are part of a team. a team that is dedicated to finding solutions for small business owners. 

team pay per click knows that this is a challenge that you, as a small business owner, needed a solution for! 

so here we are! pay per click ads made simple & affordable! 


logo outdated? let us help you brand or rebrand your business!

Even if the majority of your business is online you still need a logo. You still need creative and engaging social posts and graphics. 

Business Cards? Flyers? Brochures? 

These are just some of the things that TEAM Branding can handle. 

Your Brand is everything. 

It’s how your customers recognize your business. 

If it’s not consistent and detail oriented how are they to believe that your service will be. 

Let us handle this important aspect of  your business and rest easy knowing it’s done right!

logo graphic design branding social media posts pinterest

Logos, graphics, social posts,
print goods

an online store = a second stream of income for your business!

ecommerce stores shopify amazon ebay stores sales

E-commerce sites
shopify, amazon & itsy stores

e-Commerce, woo-Commerce, Shopify, amazon and even itsy, pinterest and ebay stores, team e-comm can build them, monitor them, update them and handle them for you. 

you can focus on your brick & mortar (or your family) and let us focus on your online sales. 

create a passive income while we fill   your customer base with customers  from all over the world. 

a fully functioning website is a must have!

So many businesses have let their website age out or even phase out. 

a website is still a mandatory  tool for any business. 

used properly it is the ultimate marketing tool and can generate leads, bring customers to your door and increase your revenue. 

stop neglecting your website. let us build it, rebuild it, maintain it and service it for you. 

team web-builds create stunning websites no matter what your budget, we’ve got you! 

website build design maintainence

website builds
redesigns & maintenance