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How It Works - My Office Team

A short story explaining how (& why)
building a custom team works!

both mr savvy & mr traditional need to hire their first office assistant.
both have a budget of $15 per hour and expect the workload to take about 20 hrs per week.
Both would like someone who can answer phones, provide great customer service,
enter minor bookkeeping transactions, work on a data entry project that he has been unable to get to
and both men know that keeping facebook updated is important so the assistant should know facebook as well.
everyone knows facebook right?

Mr traditional places an ad & receives numerous resumes, mr savvy comes to myofficeteamonline.
mr traditional spends 2 weeks reading resumes, scheduling interviews & searching for the perfect person
Mr savvy knows that no one is perfect so he spends 10 minutes on the "build your custom team" checklist
carefully considering which tasks he will be using his team to complete.

mr traditional interviews many candidates & settles on someone who seems very pleasant.
she has office experience, has done a little bookkeeping,
(so he's sure she can handle that data entry project),
oh yeah and she has over 500 friends on facebook!

mr traditional must now figure out how to add his first employee into his bookkeeping system
He finds he'll need to implement a payroll system and taxes will need to be filed quarterly.
(it's ok, his new hire will know what to do.)

mr savvy sends his checklist in and schedules a 30 minute discovery call with his team leader.
after the call he is confident that his new office team consists of a bookkeeper with 25 yrs experience,
a customer service professional who has won office awards for his customer care skills,
a data entry team member that keys 10,000 keystrokes per hour and a member of team social
who will handle his business facebook page. mr savvy receives a contract via email,
auto-signs it and sends it back with his first $300 pay pal payment. (no payroll needed.)

mr traditional waits 2 weeks for his new employee's start date. mr savvy's team is in place within 48 hrs.
mr traditional takes 2 more weeks training his new employee. He notices she looks at her facebook often.

mr savvy spends those same four weeks focusing on a potential client and is excited when she finally signs on.
mr savvy's data entry project is complete, his books have never looked cleaner and he has a brand new
business facebook page along with a strategic marketing plan of how his team member will use facebook
to generate leads for his business.

mrs jones stops in to compliment mr savvy on his "new hire".
she says, "that sweet young boy went above & beyond to help me when i called last week"
and noted that He just "made her whole day brighter".
mr savvy makes a mental note to
mention this team member on this week's video call with his team leader.

the probationary 60 days have passed & mr traditional's new hire has called in sick.
Mr Traditional has no idea where she filed that important paper he needed.
He realizes her desk is rather disorganized & payroll needs to be sent in today.
He scrambles to cover her duties for the day in addition to his own.

Mr Traditional has frustration in his voice when he answers a call from a potential new client.
She ends the call without making an appointment.

mr savvy notices that his usual report has a different name at the bottom,
he questions this on his weekly video call and is informed that the team member
who usually files this report has taken ill and her backup filed the report for her this week.
(mr savvy's business never missed a beat.)

ninety days have passed and mr traditional's new hire is finally settling in
yet Mr Traditional still can't figure out why there is so much hype over Facebook.
His new hire posts his sale items every day but he hasn't seen a change in his business.
Additionally, he has to file quarterly payroll tax and neither of them really know what to do.
he is also concerned that there is not enough work to keep his new assistant busy.
He often feels like he is paying her to scroll facebook or play solitaire on her computer.

mr savvy receives a 90 day status update and a survey from his office team leader.
she notes that his facebook followers have increased and engagement is up this month as well
he can see that's true by the chart attached but he also knows that
many new leads have mentioned that they found him on facebook!

she also states the last two weeks Mr Savvy has had "carry over" hours.
since he is only billed for the time his team member has actually worked on his account,
On these particular weeks he has paid for 20 hours but has only used 15.
he now has "credit hours" so She suggests they reevaluate his needs
to see what other tasks she can take off of his plate or if need be,
reduce his plan to 10 hours per week to save him some money!

mr savvy loves saving money but might also like to create a paperless filing system
so he happily ponders his options while he waits for his next call with his team leader.


the end